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EvilEve’s handcrafted belt creates a flattering figure with its unique design, and will become a must have for any occasion or body type. This piece is essential for every woman! Sexy, attractive, and comfortable in your skin – you don’t have to be perfect to look fabulous! Expect more and create an hourglass shape in a pinch. This unique fashion accessory will undoubtedly introduce new ideas to your style.

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The Perfect Shaper unique leather belt is a thoughtfully designed accessory, ideal for every woman and indispensable in every wardrobe. While it may appear simple, it was carefully designed to create the always desired and attractive hourglass body shape, regardless of your height or weight. Its unique design shapes every figure, resulting in a look that appears as if your clothes are 1-3 sizes smaller, depending on the type of clothes you wear.

When you try it on, you will immediately realize how special it really is. Any oversized shirt, tunic, sweater, or cardigan that you haven’t worn in a while because it doesn’t quite fit right or doesn’t make you feel good anymore, will become an every day staple again. The Perfect Shaper belt is the one piece of accessory that will create a modern, beautiful, and attractive look.

The belt is a perfect addition for heavy winter clothes as well – it adds shape and brings elegance to clothes that are traditionally wider and shapeless – jackets, parkas, and coats.

EvilEve accessories are known to be adjustable, reversible, and able to be used in multiple different ways, and the Perfect Shaper belt is no exception. You can turn it around so that the thin part is in the front and the thicker part in the back, adding a beautiful detail to your outfit. Additionally, the belt can also be used like a typical belt with your favorite pair of jeans.

One particular advantage of the belt lies in its unique double closure design that allows for size adjustments. One side of the belt has a buckle, where you can adjust the length of the belt depending on where and how you would like to wear it: a smaller size for a belt that is worn high on the waist or a larger size if worn on the hips or over thicker outer layers of clothing. Once the size is selected and the buckle closed, the belt can simply be secured with the use of 2 snap buttons on the other side. Click-click, the belt comes on or off.

If you previously needed 3 different belts – a thin one for high waist elegance, a classic jeans belt, and one for oversized outer layers – you will now have one carefully designed and handcrafted versatile belt to replace them all. From every day wear to formal events and more, you will be able to use it again and again.

Color selection is key – choose a color that will allow you to wear the belt with as many pieces of your wardrobe as possible.

Perfect Shaper belt is created entirely by EvilEve, from its initial conception to its handcrafted final product. It is made from the finest leather, giving it durability and comfort. A highly useful, timeless accessory at an affordable price. Highly recommended!

This item fits women who wear sizes S, M and L. When in doubt about the right size, feel free to ask us any questions and we will be happy to advise you or make a custom item just for you.

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damp cloth & glass cleaner or water


adjustable, metal buckle, snap on buttons


black, glittery gray, silver


leather, metal buckle, metal snap on buttons, metal studs


adjustable size, If you need a different size, contact us and we will adjust the belt to your size free of charge.